IslandModels - UPDATES

Note regarding payments: Right now, only Bank Transfer is available (free for EU members).

If you wish to pay via Paypal, please select Bank Transfer and put a note you wish to pay via Paypal. I will send you a link.

05/10/2021 - Some news! Building seasons is upon us, so bare with me during this busy time of the year. For emails replies, please be patient if you can (I know, I'm bad!!)

27/07/2020 - Hope all you guys stayed safe out there! Finally, stock is back! Got my boxes, and wood supply is working again, so laser time! During these strange days, some designs went on the cutter, so expect a couple of new and old stuff to be added to the shop. First one will be (drum roll etc :) ) a 1.4m Shrike Aero Commander! PSS version, but someone with electric thingy knowledge will be able to convert this bad boy! First flight planned in 2 weeks, production will start right after if successful. I will extend a bit the PSS offering, so stay tuned. Add a couple of new gliders to the mix, and that will be me for the year!