IslandModels - UPDATES

Note regarding payments: Right now, only Bank Transfer is available (free for EU members).

If you wish to pay via Paypal, please select Bank Transfer and put a note you wish to pay via Paypal. I will send you a link.

Apologies about that, this is getting sorted!

24/04/2019 - Small health issues keeps me out of the workshop unfortunately. Everything is stock is still getting sent pretty much next day or so. For out of stock products, will be back as soon as I can :( On other news, the A10 should be in stock next, followed by... Drum rolls... The 1/4 scale Backstrom!! See, I listen!

02/11/2018 - A bit of news! Looks like building season has started! Thanks again for your confidence in IslandModels for your next project. On another news, I keep being asked what is next, so here you go :) PSS A10 did its first flight 2 months ago. another prototype to go, and will be available. Another PSS is a small Mustang. On gliders, SG38, 1-26 and ASK18, all at various stages. So, now, you know :) On another news... Lunak2M... Yep, that one! Coming real soon as the second 2 proto are being delievered as we speak. I do listen! :)

02/08/2017 - This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland! Shipping of orders made between now and Friday will only be shipped on Tuesday!

18/06/2018 - New Website! It was time to update the shop to something new and shinny! Hope you like it! If you find any issues, please let me know of course :)