Snowboot - Photo by Jean Louis Coussot
  • Snowboot - Photo by Jean Louis Coussot
  • Snowboot - Photo by Jean Louis Coussot
  • Snowboot - Photo by Jean Louis Coussot
  • RCM April 1987 - Photo from
  • Snowboot de Jean-Louis Coussot - Shows how compact it can be. Deco by CD Design - Photo by Jean-Louis Coussot

Snowboot Flying Wing


SNOWBOOT Flying Wing

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Here is the SNOWBOOT, a flying Wing design by Jean-Louis Coussot

This is a reboot of the free plan of the Snowboot that was available in the French magazine RCM (Radio Commande Magazine) of April 1987!

Jean Louis kindly did a full build of the prototype, and you can read it here.

So, what's new?

The wing has a small change compared to the original free plan. I wanted it even more compact, and the wing has been designed to be split in 2. Of course, if you want, and stay closer to the original, you can glue everything! Nice to have the option.

This wing will follow you absolutely everywhere and has a very wide range of flying conditions! This has been extensively tested of course. A fun little wing, easy to fly with no surprises!

Specs are as follow:

Wingspan: 1045 mm

Fuselage length: 478 mm

Weight: 420 g

Wing Profile : Eppler 186

Functions: Elevator/Rudder (Elevons)

All wood construction.

The kit includes (see photo) all the wood that needs to be cut, Trailing/leading edges, spars,  etc and of course, the plan in a single sheet showing all the parts.

You will need to complete the kit: Wing joiners (with tubes 10x8mm and 8mm rod as joiner), a small balsa bloc for the nose, covering, small accessories (like control horns, wing bolts etc), 2 mini servos, batteries and receiver. Things that should be in your spare box already :)

Snowboot kit photo

Of course, a MASSIVE thank you to Jean-Louis Coussot for allowing me to re produce the SnowBoot! 

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