Lunak 2M


Lunak 2M - Aerobatic Sport Scale glider

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Lunak 2M - Aerobatic Sport Scale glider

This is the Lunak "version" of the now famous Quark 2M! Both gliders share the same wing platform, but this one has a more scale look to it... And a buffed out fuselage!

Looks much bigger than the Quark, and the flying qualities are simply fantastic!

Small change though on the wing side, as you have a couple of extra ribs to make a quadro flaps version, opening more possibilities. The plan also gives you an option to split the stabilizator in 2 parts if you are stuck for space.

Specs are as follow:

Fuselage length: 1360mm


Weight: around 1.6Kgs

Functions: Ailerons / Quadro Flaps, Elevator, Rudder, Tow Hook (optional)

Profiles: SB96 (root) > SB96VS (tips)

All wood construction