Ronan Plu with the Quark 2M V4 proto at the Macon 2023 meeting
  • Ronan Plu with the Quark 2M V4 proto at the Macon 2023 meeting

Quark 2M


Quark 2M V4 short kit

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V4 is finally here!! 

So what's new with that one? 

Rudder is now 5mm thick (was 4mm) adding a bit more stiffness to it. Also easier to build with a few more pieces for the rudder.

Fuselage: mostly in LitePly now, so more rigid and solid. Sheeting is now 3mm (was 4mm). All in all, a better choice as seen in the prototypes flying.

Wings: You now have the quadro option!

And of course, a few improvements there and there from feedbacks I received.

Flying weight seems to be around 1.9Kgs now, but no impact on the flying that we saw, still flies in close to nothing when required, but the rigidity we gained makes it more sharp in the aerobatics routines!

As usual, more photos and builds of the Quarks from the very first to today are located at the link below:,1070.0.html

The famous Quark 2M!

The Quark 2M is a 2m Wingspan full aerobatic glider. With the proven SB96/SB96VS profile combination and large control surfaces, the only limits for this machine is the pilot!

But, fully aerobatic does not mean hard to fly, or a glider for those special, but rare conditions! All controls are smooth, but with sharp responses.

Wind? No need to fly in gale force wind with the Quark! We flew it in winds between 10 and 85 km/h winds! We even thermal with it!

No slope? The Quark, equipped with a tow hook is a great machine to aerotow, and if you don't have a tow plane, several were successfully converted to electrics. 

The Quark has been flown by customers all around the World, and a real "community" has been built around it. There is a "before" and an "after" flying the Quark! You will definitively see wood aerobatic models differently! 

The short kit contain the fuselage sides, canopy, all the ribs, rudder pieces, servo supports, bell crank in epoxy, plans in 2 large sheets etc.

You will need to add the sheeting wood, spars (10x5mm wood), wing joiners (10mm tube + rod) and fuselage strips, and the usual accessories like hinges, control horns, covering...



Quark 2M Build guide

A quick build guide made by John "Fireball" (thanks!! :) ) for the Quark 2M

Download (650k)

Quark 2M logo

Quark 2M logo

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