1/4 Scale Opel Rak 1


Opel Rak 1 Short Kit

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The Opel Rak is World first rocket powered flying machine.

Here, it is reproduced at 1/4 scale.

The short kit includes all the parts shown on the plans (in 2 sheets) that need to be cut. You will have to add the strip wood (spars etc) and sheeting.

The tail booms are made of aluminium tubes - See attached material list for more details.


Wingspan: 2.45m

Overall Length: 1.2m

Weight: Around 2.5Kgs

Functions: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder - Towhook - Optional

Build log:


Proto and Chat


In Italy

Proto Flying - Slope

The Real one!

View of the plan:



1/4 Scale Opel Rak Material List

1/4 Scale Opel Rak Material List

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