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A10 PSS Short Kit

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Short kit for the A10 PSS.

The short kit contains all the parts shown in the plans that needs to be cut, canopy, Trailing Edges, plans.

You will have to add the wood for sheeting and strips (spars etc) plus the usual accessories.

Wingspan: 1.55m

Lenght: 1.3m

Weight: From 1.1Kgs

Profile: Hq 2.5/11

Functions: Elevator, Ailerons, Rudders (option), Electric Motors (option)

Note that the plans (in 2 sheets) are included in the short kit! The plan also show formers for an electric version if you wish to do so, but was not tested by ourselves! (yet! :) )

The Gcode or STLs are also available for free in the Attachments section of this page. Includes Pilot, Seat, Gattling Gun and Turbine



A10 - Gattling Gun Gcode

A10 - Gattling Gun Gcode

Download (1.45M)

A10 - Pilot Gcode

A10 - Pilot Gcode

Download (3.66M)