Flat B29 PSS


Flat B29 PSS

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Here is from the first of the "flat" series, the B29!

The "Flat B29" has been designed with simplicity in mind, but with great flying characteristics, and looks like on that one, we did a good job!

It does look really good in the air, like a bigger model (all the outlines are scale, no cheating!) and flies fantastic! A model to bring everywhere with you such is the range of what it can do, from thermal to strong winds, and all despite the size!

Scale flying not your thing? Fair enough, it is also fully aerobatic! Do your routine when nobody's watching :) You can also add a rudder to be even more lively in this area, but that thing is that versatile! 

On the plan, you will also see a drawing of the Bell X1, as we had great fun releasing them from our B29 (and the Bell X1 flew great each time also!). Just add a servo for the release, and that is another thing that can be fun to do at the slope.

Building it should take you a couple of days, and like us, you might spend more time finding and applying a cool color scheme than actually building it!

What's in the box?

As usual, this is a short kit. All the wood you need to cut from the plan is included (formers, ribs, rudder, elevator), leading/trailing edges, bell crank (3D printed), spars

You will have to add the tubes and rods for the wing and elevator joiners, and the balsa strips and sheeting for the fuselage (about 4x 5x5 balsa and 1 sheet of 3mm balsa) plus the usual accessories like control horns, covering, servos etc.

Function (Out of the box) Elevator - Ailerons

Wing Span: 1260mm

Length: 915mm

Profile: Clark Y

Weight: from 400g

Kit content:

All photos: Niamh Marie/Pascal Cepeda/Jean-Louis Coussot/Francois Richard