1/3 Scale Kaiser Ka3


1/3 Scale Ka3 short kit

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1/3 Scale Kaiser / Schleicher Ka3 short kit by Islandmodels.

The Schleicher Ka 3 or Kaiser Ka 3, is a 1950s single seat training glider (first flight in 1954), mostly sold in kit form.

The IslandModels Short Kit contain all the wood pieces needed to be cut for the kit (ribs, formers etc etc)

You will have to add the sheeting, spars and fuselage strips and the usual accessories (hinges, control horns etc). The plan in 3 large sheets is of course included in the kit!

View of the plan and parts:

The model specs are as follow:

Wingspan: 3.33m

Length: 1.87m

Weight: 7 to 8kg

Profile: HQ 3.5/12

Controls: Elevator/rudder (vtail), ailerons, aibrakes, towhook (optional)

Build logs:

GliderIreland Build 1 

GliderIreland Build 2 (Old Clark profile)

RC-Network (Old Clark profile)


Prototype first flight

First flight in Iceland :)

In Germany

First flight by Mick (UK)



1/3 Scale Ka3 Material List

1/3 Scale Ka3 Material List

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