IslandModels - UPDATES

Note regarding payments: Right now, only Bank Transfer is available (free for EU members).

If you wish to pay via Paypal, please select Bank Transfer and put a note you wish to pay via Paypal. I will send you a link.

Apologies about that, this is getting sorted!

02/08/2017 - This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland! Shipping of orders made between now and Friday will only be shipped on Tuesday!

18/06/2018 - New Website! It was time to update the shop to something new and shinny! Hope you like it! If you find any issues, please let me know of course :)

21/05/2018 - Finally some news! First of, 1/3 scale K8b should be back in stock this week!! Seeing the waiting list, they will be gone in an instant, but I should have more in about 3 weeks (holidays in the middle!). Backstrom... Good news for the fan of this week, and following tons of requests, the 1/3 scale version should be here soon! And finally, the Lunak 2M... Proto flights were made, and I witnessed them... What a model!! Should be in stock soon.. They are getting cut as we speak!

11/12/2017 - I am getting some delay in the Ka8 canopies! Plenty of kits in stock, but still no canopies. Apologies to all, as I know the waiting list is now reaching about 20! Many thanks for your patience :(

On another news... Lunak2M... Yep, that one! Coming real soon as the first proto is being cut as we speak. I do listen! :)