Quark 2M

Quark 2M - Aerobatic glider made of wood!
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The Quark 2M, the wooden version of the Quark EPP!


Low and slow is your thing? You prefer pattern aerobatics? Or you just want a sport model to bring everywhere with you, the Quark 2M is for you!

The construction is all in wood and will only take a few evenings to complete.

 Wingspan : 2m

Length : 1.4m

Weight : 1.2 to 1.7 Kgs

Wing Profile : SB96V - SB96VS




Thanks to John "Fireball" (thanks John! :) ) a build guide for the Quark is now available for download.

The guide will also be added to the kit from now on :)

Quark 2M Logo by Pavel Jahn - Many thanks!! :)

Feel free to use it for your Quark. Need a Hi-Res version, please contact me :)


Kit include all the cut parts in wood and the plan with all the pieces in 2 large sheets. 

You will need to complete the kit, wing and fuselage sheeting (1.5mm Balsa (4 sheets) and 4mm balsa (2 sheets)).

10x5mm pine or balsa strips for wing spars - 4x1m

10mm OD Carbon tube with rods matching the inside diameter for wing joiner (8mm) - 1m

4mm OD Carbone tube (Elevator spar) with rods matching the inside diameter (3mm)

Small hardware, covering, electronic.


 Full story behind the Quark, Prototypes builds, videos, discussions etc, here : http://www.gliderireland.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1070


 Free Plan (yep, plan is free! :)  )

Fuselage plan - 1410x800mm

Wings plan - 1110x800mm

And tiled versions for A4 printers:



Build threads :

http://www.jivaro-models.org/quark_2m/page_quark_2m.htm (In French WITH UPDATED PLAN!)

http://www.gliderireland.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1070 (In English)

http://pajanfoto.zonerama.com/Album/64221 (Pavel in CZ build photos)

New Ribs for the wooden spars mod - Set1

New Ribs for the wooden spars mod - Set2

New Ribs for the wooden spars mod - Set3

Videos :

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1RsOcMB7jQ (John Pearson Prototype first flight - Video by Richard Boyd)