Micro Lunak

The Micro Lunak
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Here is the Micro Lunak!

This is the scaled down version of the Lunak and shares the same wing platform as the Micro Quark. Great fun to fly, fully aerobatic and can be pretty much flown anywhere! Mind you, this does not mean it is an handful to fly! Very gentle flying characteristics even at high rates. Only 1.2m wing span, but feels much better on the sticks!

Minimum amount of time is required for the build, and if you start with the kit, we reckon 2 evenings are enough to get the model ready for radio and covering!

Even better! Because it is the same wing platform as the Micro Quark, you can have 2 models in one!

Like the Micro Quark, the plan is Free to Download!


Wing Span: 1.2m

Length: 0.88m

Wing profile: SB96V - SB96VS

AUW: 419 grs

Servos: 4 mini - 5 with tow hook option

All wood build

To complete the kit, you will need the following:

3mm carbon tubes : 2x600mm(LE) + 2x 90mm (stab) + 1x 190mm (rudder)

6mm Carbon tubes (spars) : 2x 640mm

4mm tube or rod : 2x140mm (Wing joiner)

Covering and the usual accessories

Please note that the plan is included in the kit - The build photos are showing a molded canopy *THIS IS NOW INCLUDED IN THE KIT :) *



Build Page is available here with step by step photos: http://gliderireland.net/index.php/slope-soaring-in-ireland/micro-lunak