1/4 Scale Opel Rak1

1/4 Scale Opel Rak Short Kit
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The Opel RAK.1 was the world's first purpose-built rocket-powered aircraft. It was designed and built by Julius Hatry under commission from Fritz von Opel who flew it on September 30, 1929 in front of a large crowd at Rebstock airport near Frankfurt-am-Main.

During the late 1920s, von Opel had undertaken a variety of publicity stunts involving rocket-powered vehicles, Opel-RAKs, for the Opel company. He was assisted in these endeavours by pyrotechnics manufacturer Friedrich Sander and rocketry advocate Max Valier. In June 1928, he had purchased an Alexander Lippisch-designed sailplane, the Ente, and fitted it with rockets. Opel did not get the chance to fly it, however, as the aircraft was destroyed by an engine explosion on its second test flight.

The Model :

WingSpan : 2.3m

Fuselage Length : 1.2m

Weight : 2kgs approx

Wing Profile : ClarkY

RC Functions : Ailerons / Rudders / Elevator


Ribs are now showing scale structure, kit is also lighter and more accurate for better flying performance.


Boom tubes connectors :

http://goodwinds.com/connectors/edge/edge-connector-apa.html (the APA -L and M seems to fit the bill with very little modification (Hole need to be enlarged to 12mm))

This is of course certainly available at your local Kite shop!

Mine for the proto came from here : http://www.bilboquetsport.com/junction-avia-sport,uc1724,uc1733,p140.html