Fouga Magister PSS

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Full Kit Preview:

Specs :

Full Kit Fouga Magister - £200.00 / 249 euro approx plus Post/Packing The delightful vee-tailed Magister has looks to match its performance. Fibreglass fuselage,The wings and tail halves with all blocks pre-fitted are supplied in obechi skinned foam, with an all flying tail plane.Besides the above items a tail cone, tip tanks, canopy, decals and a template sheet are supplied in the kit,along with accessories (rods, horns etc.) plus pre-cut wood.

 4. A ' Builders kit' ( glass fuselage, canopy, plastic parts, decals and the wooden parts with templates, no foam wings or foam tails. Price: £150.00 plus p/p The glider has excellent handling qualities, scale like manoeuvres are possible and with the modified E374 wing section and can be flown in light winds as well as the "usual" howling gales. Basic specs: Glass fuselage Wings/ V tails  foam/obechi covered Wingtip tanks, canopy, tail cone, all supplied.

wing span : 1.7m Flying weight: 2.2kg depending on finish