Rodule - 3m Short Kit
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Here is the short kit of the Rodule!

The Rodule is a 3m Tow plane designed to tow anything between 500Grs to 30 Kgs and up! The sky is the limit!

Construction is all wood and designed around 80 to 120cc Petrol engine

So, what's in the "short" kit?

All pieces that need to be cut like the ribs, formers, flancs, elevator and all the little bits and pieces, and the plans in 4 large sheets (10m of paper!) showing ALL the parts!

What's not included?

This is a short kit, so some parts are left to you. Not included are the Landing Gears, canopy, accessories, wood strips/spars (too long to ship unfortunately) but can all be sourced at your local DIY shop, balsa for sheeting. The rudder is made of square balsa, and is not laser cut (so you know! :) )


You can follow the prototypes build, and the story behind it here:,3729.0.html (French),3721.0.html (French),3623.msg18830.html#msg18830




Wingspan: 3m

Weight: 14 to 17Kgs

Engines: 80 to 120cc

Functions: Elevator, rudder, engine, flaps, tow hook

2 parts wings, removable tail