Welcome to IslandModels!

11/12/2017 - I am getting some delay in the Ka8 canopies! Plenty of kits in stock, but still no canopies. Apologies to all, as I know the waiting list is now reaching about 20! Many thanks for your patience :(

On another news... Lunak2M... Yep, that one! Coming real soon as the first proto is being cut as we speak. I do listen! :)

20/10/2017 - AT LAST! 2017 was really not a good year communication wise. This is now sorted! We found the silly issue, and I know it's fixed because I receive about 400 spam mails a day! Best way to contact me is via the form. It might be time to update the website to something newer! Also, on the good news front.. The Backstrom short kit should be back soon!! Your wishes are granted :) On the ka8 front, I did a Ryanair.. I have the planes, but not the pilots... Well, canopies! Made a mistake, and a new mold is being made as we speak. I believe there is about 18 in a waiting list right now, thank you for your patience, but if you want to receive your kit now, and canopy later, please let me know of course.And finally, the SGS 1-26 is progressing nicely, and should be available this winter. And that's all for now! :)

19/09/2017 - I am on holidays, but I have been told that the "out of office" message is not being received when you send a request via the website form!! Apologies about that, did not thought of this. I will be back on the 25th and will reply to all the mails (there's loads!!) asap!!

13/06/2017 - The 1/3 Scale Ka1 should be on Sale now! Grunau BabyIIb is following! Updated a few photos also. Now.. Next!! :)

22/05/2017 - The plans for the 1/3 scale Grunau Baby IIb and the 1/3 scale Kaiser Ka1 are now available to purchase! Kist are coming soon (actually, building stock as we speak!) so stay tuned for more :)

12/04/2017 - YYeeaaah! The 1/3 scale Grunau Baby IIb made it's first flight without an itch! (maybe CofG a little too far back, but behaved beautifully!) Cleaning up the plans etc, should be available soon! Also, the Rodule Kit is now available!

06/03/2017 - More info about the "ParcelGate"! Volume weight is now enforced, so shipping is going up for ALL outbound parcels. Average cost is now 40 euros (up 5 euros). I will change the shipping to reflect the cost. On the plus side, if there is one, is that up to 20Kgs, it's pretty much the same price, so I can now put 3 or 4 gliders in one box at the same cost! Also, I was using GLS, now your parcel can go with UPS, TNT etc, and delivery times can be as low as 2 days! I'll find a solution if possible, but as usual, over charged shipping costs will be refunded as this is my policy not to take any extra money for shipping than the actual shipping cost!

04/03/2017 - No good news I'm afraid! Just been made aware that shipping costs out of Ireland are going to almost double! For example, the Ka8 was shipping anywhere for 36 euros by courier, now it will be at least 60 by normal service! I should get more information soon!

15/02/2017 - A bit of news!! 1/3 scale Ka1 and Grunau Baby IIb are progressing great, and the first flights are due very soon :) Rodule is getting an article in a French magazine! Was not planned, but the builder got very exited about the model! So I'll get cracking on that one too.. And made a Micro Rodule while I was at it. Fun pocket size, electric of course!

16/11/2016 - 1/3 scale Grunau BabyIIb are being built! Looks good so far, and should be in stock as soon as the flying is validated. Another good news, the loooonnnggg awaited 1/3 scale Ka1 is ready to be cut! Same wings and tails than the Ka3, so should be no surprise in the flight department.

29/10/2016 - Workshop moved completed!! :) Laser machine is being calibrated as we speak, and should start cutting in the next 2 or 3 hours :)


02/10/2016 - Good news! The Micro Lunak are now shipped with a transparent canopy! Same price. How cool is that? :)