1/3 Scale Kaiser Ka11/3 Scale Ka8b

1/3 Scale Ka3

1/3 Scale Ka3 Short Kit
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 Follow the prototype build here : http://www.gliderireland.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3322


What's new?

Fuselage : Same formers etc... "Proper" landing skid is now added with the addition of a few pieces there and there to make the build even better( new servo tray position etc)

Wings : Big change! New profile! This time, we go for a HQ 3.5/12. New wing tips layout and a few minor changes in a few parts to make the assembly easier / quicker. 

Wing span: 3.33m

Length: 1.8m
Weight: 7Kgs Approx
Functions: Ailerons / Elevator/Rudder (V-tail), Airbrakes

Features: Removable wings and removable tail feathers.


Build Threads:
RC-Network.de. In German, but lots of info, mods, photos. A must read!
Lots of full scale pictures/documentation